Node Sender Preview

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Node Sender Preview

Hello Everyone.

Today I’ll show you the preview of Library NodeJS I’m doing: Node-Sender

This library can simply send a Push to devices running Android, iOS, Blackberry or Windows Phone. For the moment, only the Android GCM Push is functional. Others should follow shortly. Similarly, for now you can not install this module via NPM. That will come when I finish all platforms.

Android Quick Start

var Sender = require('node-sender');

var sender = new Sender();

    Sender.TYPE_ANDROID,                // OS type
    { msge : "Test Message NodeJS" },   // message to send
    "Registration Id",                  // phone registration id(s)
    { apiKey : "Api-Key GCM" },         // settings
    function(err, response){            // callback


If you are curious and want to test this library, you can find it on my Github repository.


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